Monday, March 15, 2010

Difference in solar tariff between Saskatchewan & Ontario

I published an article in SaskBusiness magzine in the March 2010 issue ( on the SaskPower Green Options Partners Program. As I mentioned in my article, this program is certainly a step in the right direction toward a feed in tariff for renewables.

However, it was quite disappointing to confirm the difference between purchase rates in Ontario and Saskatchewan. Ontario will pay 80.2 cents/KwH for solar PV generation and Saskatchewan is only offering to pay 9.6 cents/KwH - a substantial difference. The average price in the EU is around 75 cents/KwH for solar PV.

That is not to say that solar projects in Saskatchewan are not feasible - just that there is much more incentive to develop in Ontario instead of in Saskatchewan (where the solar resource is actually far superior).

That being said, I understand the SaskPower Green Options Partners Progam is just the first step in the right direction. Hopefully SaskPower is looking to follow Ontario's lead and move toward a feed in tariff based directly on the cost of generation. Those developers who graduate from the Green Options Partners Program will certainly be much better positioned to take advantage of the feed in tariff, should it come to fruition.

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