Monday, March 22, 2010

BC Hydro awards PPAs for 19 renewable energy projects

The B.C. government has the goal of becoming energy self-sufficient using renewable energy by 2016. The 5 wind and 14 run-of-river projects awarded PPAs will generate 2400 gigawatt hours of electricity per year.

BC Hydro says another 28 projects remain in its Clean Power Call and the utility expects to select more later this month.

In total, BC Hydro initially received 68 proposals from 43 bidders representing more than 17,000 gigawatt hours per year of electricity.

The winners in this phase include Finavera Renewables Inc., CP Renewable Energy Limited Partnership (formerly EPCOR), Cloudworks Energy Inc., Creek Power Inc., Plutonic Power Corp., Selkirk Power Co., Swift Power Corp., NI Hydro Holding Corp., C-Free Power Corp. and Kwagis Power Limited Partnership.

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