Thursday, March 25, 2010

Consultation session on climate change legislation in Saskatchewan

I attended the government consultations on Bill No. 126 - An Act respecting the Management and Reduction of Greenhouse Gases and Adaptation to Climate Change in Saskatoon today. The event was very well organized and MNP and the Ministry of Environment made the event worthwhile. The participants in the session were very knowledgeable, with a large experienced contingent from Alberta, which made the session all the more insightful. Predictably the price per tonne of carbon offsets was topical. Figures between $15 and $150 per tonne were raised. The concensus seemed to be somewhere around $30 per tonne. I found the information regarding the inclusion of Performance Agreements in the climate change legislation particularly useful and look forward to hearing more about Performance Agreements in the proposed climate change regulations in the future.

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