Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Carbon Footprint Symposium and carbon credit trading

I attended the Carbon Footprint Symposium in Saskatoon yesterday and it was certainly a well-organized and useful event.

Dean Stinson O’Gorman from Environment Canada had a particularly interesting presentation on offset trading in Canada.

There were also numerous Saskatchewan farms in attendance interested in carbon credits generated from no-till agricultural practices on their land - which is a hot topic at the moment in the province with new legislation on GHG reduction similar to that in Alberta set to receive legislative assent in spring or summer 2010.

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  1. Sorry we didn't have the chance to meet yesterday chad, but as one of the primary organizing partners I am glad you found it useful.. We at Stark & Marsh LLP feel that even though this is a topic that still requires greater levels of legislative and market metrics clarity, being informed is always a good thing. Knowing your similar interests will hopefully allow us to share insights and emerging trends related to this important topic.

    Carl N Neggers