Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Vestas and Methanex sign agreement to collaborate on wind development globally

Vestas, the world’s leading supplier of wind technology, and Methanex, the global leader in methanol production, signed a joint agreement to collaborate on global and regional wind development during an official ceremony yesterday in Punta Arenas, Chile.

Two years ago, Methanex used Vestas technology to develop the Cabo Negro Wind Power Plant in Magallanes, Chile, in order to increase their energy security and ensure more sustainable operations through the use of clean energy. Methanex’s decision to invest in wind was motivated by the excellent wind resources in the region - which provide an independent, reliable and competitive source of energy - together with their corporate commitment to sustainability.

The agreement between Vestas and Methanex defines the framework for further cooperation between both companies to establish a baseline for the development of future wind projects in/or around Methanex´s global production facilities; to support and advise Methanex in the development of new wind projects around the world; and to help build a robust renewable energy regulation in the Magallanes Region – contributing to the diversification of its energy mix.

This agreement was signed by Roger Neumann, Manufacture Vice President Methanex Latin America; Morten Albaek, Vestas’ Senior Vice President, Global MarCom & Customer Insight, and Marcelo Tokman, Vice President of Vestas South America (excl. Brazil).

Methanex facilities in Chile are located in the Region of Magallanes, where the company plays a key role in the community. Paul Schiodz, General Manager, Methanex Chile, says: “The success of our wind energy farm in Magallanes demonstrates the role that wind energy can play in the regional energy matrix. The agreement with Vestas should contribute to establish a robust regulatory framework to incentivize wind energy in the region”.

“Producing methanol is an energy intensive process. With the Cabo Negro wind project, Methanex has shown both their creativity in finding a business model that reduces its consumption of natural gas and their commitment to act in an environmentally responsible manner. We are very proud that Methanex has decided to take this partnership with us to the next level. It is Vestas’ wish to become Methanex´s global partner on wind energy solutions,” says Morten Albæk, Vestas Global Senior Vice President, Global MarCom & Customer insight.

“Methanex has demonstrated the potential that wind energy has for Magallanes, a region increasingly dependent on scarce natural gas supply. This agreement, amongst others, is an excellent opportunity to put our strengths to work together for a better energy regulation in Magallanes,” says Marcelo Tokman, Vice President, Vestas South America (excl. Brazil).

Methanex is the world's largest supplier of methanol to major international markets in North America, Asia Pacific, Europe and Latin America. As a global enterprise, Methanex has manufacturing, marketing and supply chain capabilities in North America, Latin America, Europe, the Caribbean, the Middle East and throughout the Asia Pacific region. Methanex’s facilities in Chile are located in the Region of Magallanes.

In 2008, Methanex started to explore the feasibility of developing a wind power plant to secure energy supply at their methanol facility in Magallanes in Chile at competitive and stable costs. Two years later, in 2010, Methanex inaugurated its first wind farm called Cabo Negro which includes three Vestas V52-850 kW turbines with a combined capacity of 2.55 MW connected to the internal generation system at the Methanex plant, increasing its capacity from 36 MW to 38.5 MW. The capacity factor of the wind farm in 2011 was 53 per cent, which represents an estimated annual production of 10,722 MW. This wind power plant produces clean energy and contributes to making Methanex’s operations cleaner and more sustainable, saving approximately 12,204 metric tons of CO2 per year. After the success of their first wind farm in Chile, Methanex is sharing these learnings internally to explore if there are further opportunities within the company to develop new wind power plants in order to power other production units around the world, as part of their overall energy sourcing and environmental strategy.  

Source: Vestas Press Release


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