Friday, June 22, 2012

Ridgeline Energy signs two more GreenFill Facility Agreements for oilfield waste recycling facilities in Saskatchewan and Alberta

Ridgeline Energy has entered into two new commercial agreements; one with Big Country Waste Management Commission ("BCWMC") and its municipal landfill site near Youngstown, Alberta; another with Southwest Waste Management Authority ("SWMA") and its municipal landfill site near Shaunavon, Saskatchewan. Once operational, the BCWMC site will be Ridgeline's fourth facility in Alberta, and the SWMA site will be the company's second in Saskatchewan. Consistent with other GreenFill sites, these new facilities are conveniently located for oil and gas producers, thereby reducing the trucking of waste and lowering transportation costs.

Ridgeline develops GreenFill Treatment Facilities by constructing treatment and storage pads on regional landfill sites. Ridgeline then safely transforms contaminated soil into landfill cover by utilizing biological, mechanical and chemical means.

Ridgeline expects commercial operations to commence at both sites prior to the end of 2012, pending final approval by provincial regulatory authorities. The commercial agreements for both facilities provide for the eventual expansion into wet waste treatment and other industrial waste streams, two areas that Ridgeline has identified to have significant revenue potential.

Greg Sheppard, Operations Manager of BCWMC, stated, "We are excited to move forward with Ridgeline on the approval, construction and operation of this facility. The oilfield waste recycling and reuse strategies employed by Ridgeline will coincide nicely with our landfill cover operations while providing a solid revenue stream to our waste commission and the municipality."

James Leroy, Chairman of SWMA, stated, "The energy business is thriving in southeast Saskatchewan and we are eager to move forward on this project."

Tony Ker, CEO of Ridgeline, stated, "Rideline's process and technology benefit communities and our clients. The municipalities we serve realize a new source of revenue, and the treated soil meets an ongoing demand for landfill cover and capping or decommissioning material. At the same time, our clients benefit from lower transportation costs and reduced liability. An added benefit is that our approach is better for the environment since we treat the soil for reuse. Under conventional methods, contaminated soil may be stored indefinitely in industrial landfill sites."

Source: Ridgeline Energy Services Inc. Press Release

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