Friday, June 15, 2012

Just Energy enters Saskatchewan Residential Natural Gas Market

Ontario-based Just Energy has recently entered the residential natural gas market in Saskatchewan and is offering lower natural gas rates than SaskEnergy as well as carbon offsets to consumers in Saskatchewan. Just Energy, a publicly traded company based in Toronto issued a press release recently to announce the launch of its EcoChoice product offering in Saskatchewan. Just Energy owns one of the largest wheat-based ethanol facilities in North America in Belle Plaine near Regina. For EcoChoice customers in Saskatchewan, Just Energy will automatically offset 20 per cent of their natural gas consumption through carbon credits generated locally in Saskatchewan from their Belle Plaine ethanol facility.

Dean Reeve, executive vice-president of SaskEnergy, said Just Energy is familiar to SaskEnergy as the owner of Terra Grain Fuels, a grain ethanol plant west of the city near Belle Plaine, which is a large industrial user of natural gas. Saskatchewan industrial and commercial natural gas consumers have the option of dealing with private companies but this is the first time SaskEnergy has seen this competitor on the residential side of the business.

Source: Leader Post, Just Energy Press Release

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