Friday, March 23, 2012

Two-year Feed-in-Tariff Review Released by Government of Ontario

The Government of Ontario released their two-year review of the Feed-In-Tariff ("FIT") Program, which included the following recommendations:
  1. the reduction of prices - for solar projects by more than 20% and for wind projects by approximately 15% (see new price table below);
  2. the creation of a point system to prioritize FIT Applications which have demonstrated community or Aboriginal participation and municipal support; and
  3. reserving 10% of the remaining capacity for projects for those projects which have significant local or Aboriginal participation.

Image copyright Government of Ontario

The full text of the Report, which makes for some very interesting reading, is available here:

In the Report, I found this map of feed-in-tariffs globally particularly interesting:

Image copyright Government of Ontario

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