Monday, March 19, 2012

SaskPower CEO, Robert Watson on the future of renewable energy in Saskatchewan

SaskPower CEO, Robert Watson commenting on the furture of renewable energy in Saskatchewan and the new 177 MW Chaplin Wind Energy Project to be developed by Algonquin Power:


  1. Good grief - these projects are failing across Europe and bankrupting entire nations. Meanwhile, a province awash in conventional energy decides to head down the same path.


  2. If you could be more specific with the actual project names, developers and locations in Europe as well as the countries that are going bankrupt from failed wind projects that would be useful. I have worked in Europe for many years and actually just got back from meetings in Northern Europe last week and did not hear anything about this. I would be disappointed if I missed the opportunity to report such an important story on my blog.

    Yes, Saskatchewan has an abundance of coal but aside from the fact that GHG emissions from burning coal destroy the environment, the Federal Canadian government has said that there can be no new coal burning generation facilities in Canada. So we need to find alternative such as wind, or the lights go out.

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