Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Hitachi centers Canadian operations in Saskatchewan: Calgary and Mississauga to be integrated in Saskatoon with additional $10 million CAD investment

Hitachi is integrating Hitachi Canada and Hitachi Canadian Industries and establishing Hitachi Power Systems Canada in order to strengthen the business structure of Hitachi's power systems business in Canada. Hitachi will invest $10 million CAD in the new company in Saskatoon over the next three years. The investment will be used for the purchase of equipment that will enable Hitachi to increase its technology and productivity for manufacturing products and providing services to the power, energy and industrial market sectors in Canada.

Hitachi's operations in Canada involve design, manufacturing, inspection, installation, trial operation, sales and preventive maintenance for power generation equipment and parts for thermal, hydroelectric, nuclear and other power generation. In Saskatchewan, Hitachi has been providing power generation equipment to SaskPower since 1970. Hitachi also does custom manufacturing for mining, oil and gas and other industrial applications.

The new President of Hitachi Power Systems Canada will based in Saskatoon, but there are no immediate plans to transfer jobs from other locations at the moment.

Sources: (in part) Star Phoenix and Hitachi Press Release


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