Monday, April 30, 2012

CanBio conference focusing on biomass in a Canadian energy strategy in Edmonton last week a great success

Many thanks to the organizers, in particular Noam Sugarman of CanBio for a very well-organized, insightful and practical conference. Talking with other attendees, the sentiment was shared. This was the first CanBio event I presented at and was very impressed with the number of presenters and cross-section of attendees of all sectors of the bioenergy industry.

As a renewable energy lawyer based in Saskatoon, I know there is increasing interest in biomass projects in Saskatchewan. I was very pleased to see representatives from Prince Albert Pulp and Nipawin Biomass at the conference but there is certainly scope for much broader engagement with CanBio in Saskatchewan.

If biomass developers, suppliers, forestry companies, First Nations or others active in Saskatchewan are interested in learning more about CanBio, I am happy to make introductions.

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