Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Finnish wind power capacity to continue to increase significantly in 2012

“Now it is almost certain that a number of the sites have already started construction," says the Finnish Wind Energy Association Executive Director Anni Mikkonen.

Last year, wind power development projects fell short of targets set because of the wind power production subsidy forms and regulation changes.

The Finnish Ministry of Labour and the Economy has set up a working group to further identify the factors that hinder the production of wind power in Finland.

Overall wind power capacity will rise to nearly 300 megawatts in Finland in 2012, while 7 projects are already under construction and the park “Tervolan” will be completed shortly.

Tervola Varevaaran is the area where many of Finland's first inland wind farms are located.S-Group and the energy company St1 who own the wind energy company, TuuliWatti announced a multi-million EUR investment in wind farms in Finland last week.
A 30 MW project is expected to reach COD in Finland shortly.

Source: Helsingin Sanomat – January 31, 2012 (E&O excepted due to my poor Finnish translation – sorry)

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