Monday, January 16, 2012

Canadian developer, Windstream Energy Ltd. selects German manufacturer, Siemens to provide turbines for 300 MW offshore wind project in Ontario

Windstream Wolfe Island Shoals Inc., the development corporation for the Wolfe Island Shoals Offshore wind project in the Canadian province of Ontario has signed a binding agreement with Siemens Canada Limited, to supply up to 130 turbines for its 300 MW offshore wind project on Lake Ontario. The turbine blades will be manufactured at Siemens’ plant located in Tillsonburg, Ontario. Windstream holds the only offshore wind power Feed-in-Tariff (FIT) contract in Ontario, which was awarded by the Ontario Power Authority (OPA) in May 2010. The project is planned to be located from 5 to 16 kilometers off the southwest shore of Wolfe Island, in eastern Lake Ontario. By selecting Siemens, Windstream has guaranteed that the Wolfe Island Shoals project will provide more than 50 percent Ontario content. It will create more than 1,900 jobs for the first five years of development, and 175 jobs after construction. “We are very pleased to have entered into a contract for turbines with Siemens Canada. With Siemens’ 140 years of experience in the energy sector, and a global network of highly-skilled employees, we are confident that we have chosen the right supplier”, said Ian Baines, President of Windstream Energy. “Siemens is the world’s leading supplier of offshore wind turbines with over 2 000 MW installed globally offshore. We are planning to use their experience to develop the first offshore wind project in Canada.” he continued. “We are pleased to enter this agreement with Windstream for the Wolfe Island Shoals offshore wind farm and look forward to contributing to the development of Canada´s first offshore wind project,” said Bill Smith, Senior Vice President of Siemens Canada.

Source: (in part) Windstream Energy Inc. Press Release dated January 4, 2012

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