Thursday, November 25, 2010

Green energy park in Saskatoon continues to move forward

Saskatoon Light & Power, an electric utility in the City of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan stated at a public meeting last night that they hope to begin construction on a green energy park at the city Landfill in summer 2011.

Kevin Hudson, an engineer with Saskatoon Light & Power noted that the response was supportive overall.

The next step is to take a final report to City Council for approval which will happen in December 2010.

The plans include a methane gas recovery project, a turboexpander project, which takes energy from excess heat, and a tall wind turbine project which was launched last April.

Saskatoon Light & Power is in a unique position to become a renewable energy leader in a province otherwise controlled by SaskPower, the monopoly provincial utility and the green energy park is certainly an important project in this regard.

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