Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Canadian business leaders call for clean energy leadership from the government

The Canadian Council of Chief Executives, otherwise known as the CCCE, this week released Clean Growth 2.0: How Canada can be a Leader in Energy and Environmental Innovation, that propose turning Canada into an "environmental superpower" and "an energy and resource powerhouse."

The CCCE want a "road map that provides clarity and predictability," with key sectors of the economy -- government, industry, stakeholders -- all pulling in the same direction set by "smart" policy. Such policy would include a national energy strategy, a nationwide carbon tax, subsidized investment in technology, and mass government indoctrination to force lifestyle changes, including programs to "get more people out of their cars and using public transit, car-pooling, cycling and walking."

For Canada to get to "superpower status", the CCCE paper calls for a new Canada-US agreement on energy and climate. The paper says it is now time to build on what already exists by forging a new energy agreement that aims to ward off U.S. protectionism and bring Canada into some form of policy harmonization with the United States.

Copies of the paper are available on the CCCE’s website, at www.ceocouncil.ca.


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