Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Eagle nest puts Finnish wind power project on hold

Finnish broadcaster, YLE reported today that the discovery of a white-tailed sea eagle nest in Pyhäranta in the southwest of Finland has caused the Rihtniemi wind power project of Propel Voima to be put on hold

Propel Voima has been developing the wind power project for more than a year and a half, and wind measurements have been conducted for more than a year. The company is now assessing the situation and is collecting experiences of similar situations elsewhere in Finland.

There are a number areas in the southwest of Finland where the endangered white-tailed sea eagles thrive. This has been the primary reason to significantly limit the possibilities of wind power in this area of Finland.

Although many wind turbines in Europe are sited less than 400 meters from human homes, the WWF is recommending that wind turbines be situated at least 2000 meters from such nests. It is unclear on what basis the WWF recommendation has been made.

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