Friday, October 30, 2009

With the standing offer from SaskPower under the Green Options Partners Program announced yesterday there has been some speculation that a PV project might make up the 25 mW set aside for non-wind.

Saskatchewan has a reputation for harsh winters but those frigid days are almost always accompanied with crystal clear conditions making it a PV hotspot - particularly the city of Regina, which has a higher PV potential of any city in Canada and ranks very well internationally.

Yearly PV potential (kWh/kW) for South-facing PV panels with latitude tilt for major cities in the world:

Cairo, Egypt 1635
Capetown, South Africa 1538
New Delhi, India 1523
Los Angeles, U.S.A 1485
Mexico City, Mexico 1425
Regina, Saskatchewan 1361
Sydney, Australia 1343
Rome, Italy 1283
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 1253
Ottawa, Canada 1198
Beijing, China 1148
Washington, D.C. 1133
Paris, France 938
St. John's, NL 933
Tokyo, Japan 885
Berlin, Germany 848
Moscow, Russia 803
London, England 728

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