Friday, February 1, 2013

5 places that were colder than Saskatchewan yesterday – electricity demand in province peaks at highest ever

Yesterday, temperatures across Saskatchewan were in the -30s (Celsius for my friends South of the border). Here are five notable temperatures, at around the same time yesterday, noted elsewhere:
  1. Alert, Nunavut, Canada: -41
  2. The North Pole: -39
  3. Dzalinda, Russia (in Siberia): -51
  4. Vostak Station, Antarctica: -36
  5. Mars: -55
The cold weather has led to record energy consumption in Saskatchewan. The province's electric utility, SaskPower, said usage peaked Wednesday night, around the supper hour. That's when 3,379 MW of energy were running into homes and businesses. SaskPower fortunately has the capacity to generate 4,100 MW at peak.

Not only the cold weather, but the rapidly growing population and large industrial projects in the province are seeing significant increases in electricity demand. SaskPower is committed to meeting the demands of a growing (and cold…) province by investing in considerable new generation in the future.

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