Thursday, August 16, 2012

AESI and Canada Powerhouse agree to deliver biomass energy solutions in Western Canada to service emerging and growing biomass industry in the region

Alternative Energy Solutions International Inc. (AESI) and Canada Powerhouse, (the Technical Sales Division of Exclusive Boilers, Burners & Controls) (EBBC) announced today that they have established and are proceeding with an important agreement for representation throughout Western Canada. This partnership will leverage each company’s strengths and bring the highest level of service and satisfaction to the Canadian biomass markets.

“Exclusive Boilers, Burners & Controls, (EBBC) through their technical sales division, Canada Powerhouse, has begun to market and support AESI, Inc. and Uniconfort, in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, North West Territories and the Yukon. Uniconfort and AESI, Inc have over 5,000 installations operating worldwide, said David Daniels, president and CEO of AESI. “We are pleased to have the benefit of Canada Powerhouses’ continued direction. Together, we will create an optimal sales and service model for the very important, emerging and growing biomass industry in Canada.”

According to Dale Mazur, General Manager of EBBC, “AESI and Uniconfort are a game changer for the worlds CO2 and NOx emissions. Coupled or stand alone with our Co-generation capabilities, not only will energy centers realize benefits of reducing fuel consumption as well as emissions; the owners significantly reduce operating costs. Business and the environment wins. EBBC receives a considerable amount of requests for District Heating, Cogeneration, and emission reductions; we looked very hard at other technologies and realized that Uniconfort and AESI had a proven track record focused on very key areas often over looked. We further evaluated their business approach and were extremely pleased to discover that the technologies were not “locked” to other services. This allows EPC’S, engineering firms, and the customer to determine what level of involvement they prefer. No question that the company made the right decision to move forward with AESI and Uniconfort.”

Source: AESI and EBBC Press Release