Wednesday, February 15, 2012

3 innovative clean technology projects receive Go Green funding in Saskatchewan

The Saskatchewan provincial government is providing Go Green funding for three new projects that address the government's priority areas of biodiversity, education and awareness, greenhouse gas emissions reduction and water conservation, the Ministry of Environment announced earlier this month in a government Press Release.

1. Eat Healthy Foods of Regina will receive $36,000 CAD for an efficient cold storage project that will use cold outdoor air to operate grocery store refrigerators and freezers and reduce electrical consumption. For about six months of the year, Saskatchewan's outdoor temperatures are low enough to keep coolers and freezer units in grocery stores at good, safe temperatures. If proven effective, the technology could be adopted throughout most of Canada and in other northerly climates such as Northern Europe.

2. The Native Plant Society of Saskatchewan is developing a series of classroom and field activities and teaching resources focusing on native plants and habitats. The Go Green Fund is contributing $24,000 CAD for the initiative, which will enable the society to develop a program that helps young people learn more about the importance of natural habitats and how they can conserve them.

3. Ground Effects Environmental Services Ltd. (GEE) of Regina will receive $49,000 CAD from the Go Green Fund to test its new ElectroPure Technology, which is designed to limit the use of fresh water by industry through the treatment and reuse of existing industrial waste water. Evraz, one of the largest vertically integrated steel and mining businesses in the world, with a steel and pipe manufacturing facility in Regina, is the test partner and expects to save three million litres of water during this project.

Additional projects are currently being negotiated for Go Green funding in 2012. Over the past four years, the Saskatchewan government has committed $70 million CAD to the Go Green Fund for research and demonstration projects and incentive programs.

Sources: (in part) The Regina Leader-Post, Government of Saskatchewan Press Release

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