Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Ridgeline Energy Services commissions first approved greenfill soil remediation facility in Saskatchewan

Ridgeline Energy Services Inc. announced in a company Press Release that they have commissioned a new greenfill treatment facility in Lloydminster, Saskatchewan, Canada. There are many such sites in the Canadian province of Alberta but the new facility in Lloydminster is the first such facility approved by the Saskatchewan Ministry of Environment for the management, treatment and reuse of oilfield waste. The new facility will be used to categorize, treat and reuse impacted soils for landfill cover and other uses. Ridgeline's proprietary technology utilizes biological, mechanical and chemical means to safely break down hydrocarbons into CO2 and water, enabling once contaminated soil to be reused in landfill operations or other applications.

Tony Ker, CEO of Ridgeline Energy Services, commented, "Ridgeline Greenfill Inc. was profitable in our fiscal 2011 year, its first year of commercial operation. We expect these sites will provide a consistent and growing source of revenue as further sites are constructed. Each facility will be capable of generating up to $1,200,000 [CAD] in revenue per year. "

Who says being environmentally friendly can’t be profitable?

It is expected Ridgeline and others will be constructing similar facilities in South East Saskatchewan in the Bakken in the near future.

Source: (in part) Ridgeline Energy Services Inc. Press Release

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