Tuesday, November 29, 2011

NewsTalk 650 online poll shows overwhelming support for landfill wind turbine project in Saskatoon

I noticed that NewsTalk 650, a local talk radio station in Saskatoon, Canada conducted an online poll yesterday morning asking if the proposed wind turbine at the City of Saskatoon landfill should proceed. This project will be one of only a few large-scale projects in the world to reclaim a significant area of municipal solid waste to generate clean electricity from the wind. As I watched the results of the poll yesterday morning, the numbers in support were quickly increasing and were at 65% when the survey was unexpectedly pulled off the website at around noon.

Contrary to what well-known Saskatchewan political commentator John Gormley may say, those of the conservative persuasion likely to be listening to NewsTalk 650, seem to overwhelmingly support the wind turbine at the landfill. There is clearly broad non-partisan support for renewable energy in Saskatoon and the people of Saskatchewan should be wary about others telling them otherwise in order to increase the number of listeners to their radio station.

Last week Statistics Canada released a report concluding that for the first time ever, Saskatchewan passed Ontario in average weekly earnings. Instead of blindly following Ontario and politicizing renewable energy as happened in the recent Ontario provincial election, let's take a leadership role in developing our energy resources. There is broad non-partisan consensus in Saskatchewan that we should develop our energy resources, whether wind, coal, oil, natural gas or uranium. Leadership means building on consensus and doing what is best for the people of Saskatchewan - the wind turbine project at the landfill is a critical first step in taking that leadership role.

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