Thursday, May 26, 2011

SaskPower announces winners of wind projects at ice rinks

As part of the Self-generated Electricity Demonstration Project for Municipal Ice Rinks SaskPower will be erecting four 50 kilowatt (kW) Seaforth AOC 15/50 wind turbines with a hub height of 30 meters at each of four municipal ice rink sites in the Saskatchewan towns of Central Butte, Eatonia, Shaunavon and Strasbourg. The four communities were among 79 who submitted proposals to take part in the project.

The four turbines will cost $2 million CAD. Capital costs for the demonstration project will be funded by SaskPower including purchase, installation and maintenance costs of the turbine for up to five years. After 5 years all costs will be the responsibility of the municipality including maintenance costs estimated to be $2,500 CAD per year plus travel. Local businesses will be sourced for transport, installation and maintenance during the turbine construction and operation phases.

The wind resources in Saskatchewan are usually at their greatest during the late fall and winter months, when the demand for rink operations are highest. Through grid correlation of wind power, rinks could benefit from self-generated electricity during the operating season, or other high-use times, and receive credit for excess power during periods of reduced demand and the off-season (net metering).

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