Wednesday, January 26, 2011

SaskPower, are you listening? 143 MW of PV installed in Ontario in 2010

During the first full year under the FIT rates, the province of Ontario installed 143MW solar PV in 2010. This makes Ontario the second-largest PV market in North America after California.

A quick glance at the PV Potential Map ( published by the Canadian Federal government clearly shows the province of Ontario has what can only be considered an extremely low potential when compared with the province of Saskatchewan, which has a significantly higher potential for solar PV.

This begs the question - why is SaskPower paying such low rates under their Green Options Partners Program? SaskPower should be following Ontario's lead and paying reasonable prices for solar PV generation, which could revolutionize the energy sector in Saskatchewan, as happened in Ontario. Ontario is now a Canadian renewable energy powerhouse even though the wind and solar resources in Ontario are far below that in Saskatchewan.


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