Thursday, June 10, 2010

Green Options Partners Program, winners announced in Saskatchewan

SaskPower announced this week that several IPPs have been selected to participate in the SaskPower Green Options Partners Program.

Six projects from five IPPs were chosen through a draw on May 19, 2010 adding another 33 megawatts (MW) of environmentally friendly power in Saskatchewan.

There was a total of 43 proposals from 11 different proponents. "The private sector is clearly interested in developing green power in the province," SaskPower said in a media release.

A lottery process was used to ensure fairness in the selection process. The first two selections were 10 MW wind power projects.

Despite room for only an additional five MW to meet the 25 MW threshold, the lottery rules dictated that the next application would be accepted in its entirety, so a third 10 MW wind power project was selected.

The other initiatives selected were a 0.5 MW small hydro project, a 0.112 MW heat recovery project and a three MW flare gas project -- the only non-wind power projects that met program requirements.

The next step is for SaskPower to design and price the power lines that will connect the projects to the Saskatchewan grid and sign PPAs with each supplier.

Applicants will have up to three years to start providing power to the grid. Developers of hydro projects have up to eight years due to the more extensive permitting and construction processes.

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