Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Saskatchewan government re-introduces climate change legislation

Yesterday (December 1, 2009), the Saskatchewan government re-introduced Bill 95 into the legislature with some minor amendments.

Changes to the Act, which was introduced to the legislature last May, include:

1. Adding the authority to establish performance agreements with large emitters to reduce greenhouse gas emissions outside of regulated activities and with non-regulated emitters in the agriculture, transportation and commercial and residential building sectors.

The performance agreements will likely prove to be an efficient mechanism for large emitters to control and manage their emissions. Large emitters in the above industry sectors would be well advised to seek legal counsel now to start drafting a preliminary pro forma Performance Agreement based on the proposed legislation.

2. Providing for an Environmental Code to establish standards, guidelines and best practices for reducing emissions by large emitters and other sectors, which ensures the consistency of this Act with the province's results-based environmental regulatory framework.

To gain a competitive advantage, businesses in Saskatchewan would be well advised to seek legal counsel to start planning and drafting a compliance strategy for the proposed Environmental Code.

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